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Vertical Evaporator AHU Units
















Odyne-Vertical Evaporator AHU Units

ODYNE UKA series of chilled water blowers are available in eight sizes covering 750 to 18700C cfm [1274 to 31775 m³/hr].

Each unit has two sections; the coil section which include chilled water coil and filters, the blower and drive package section which can be either vertical or horizontal supply air discharge.

Odyne AHU’s units are equipped with direct driven motor blower, statically and dynamically balanced and operate at low rotation per minute to assure smooth and quiet performance.

Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel Sheet. Epoxy Powder Coated Paint Casing. Low Noise Blowers. Optional Hot Water Coils, Heater & Hydrophilic Fins.  Your best option for chilled water packaged air handlers is the UKA Series.

Excellent fan performance, a distinctive combination of indoor air quality features, simple installation, and reasonable costs are all attributes shared by all models. Their adaptability and cutting-edge features will deliver efficient performance now and the future.


As soon as the unit is received, it should be inspected for any damage during transit. Make a separate written request if there is any damage on the carrier's delivery order. Also, the unit should be inspected for any missing or short shipped components. Standard items and accessories that come with the unit are.

1.) Blower(s) c/w rubber grommet.
2.) Evaporator coil.
3.) Motor, drive package and filters.
4.) Bearings and shaft.
5.) Optional accessories.
a.) Discharge plenum and return air grille.
b.) Electric heaters.



Each unit has been tested, inspected and properly packed or crated prior to delivery. It is very important that precaution is taken in handling the units by the installers, movers and riggers. Lift with slings under the units with a forklift. When lifting with slings, use spreader bars across the top of the unit to prevent any damage to the frame and panels. Rigging should be done in a manner to avoid any severe strain or stress on the unit which will scratch the paint-work and damage the panels and frame. Avoid possible surface damage by not removing the packaging material until the unit is at or near the final location and soon to be installed. Check the weight of the unit before rigging. Try to place the rigging cable such that the weight is evenly distributed.



1.) Avoid moisture carry over and excessive noise, limit evaporator coil face velocity to 600 fpm.
2.) Unit must be operated on the correct electrical supply as specified on unit nameplate. Voltage
limitation for fan motor must be observed.

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