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Odyne-ODYNE NEW Variable Speed Air Cooled Screw Chiller
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ODYNE NEW Variable Speed Air Cooled Screw Chiller

ODYNE VKGW-AGUC NEW Variable Speed Air Cooled Screw Chiller (High Ambient)

Cooling Capacity from 123 to 419RT (432 to 1472kW).


ODYNE is pleased to inform our clients to the addition of an upgraded controller to its VKGW-AGUC series of centrifugal chillers. With more sophisticated features like intelligent adaptive liquid line modulating valve control, adaptive IGV and VFD surge control line, adaptive compressor capacity control, and various other intelligent features, this new state-of-the-art controller is made to operate the VKGW-AGUC at the highest efficiency and reliability.


  • High Ambient Application Inverter Driven Screw Compressor
  • Variable Speed Condenser Fans
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller
  • Single/Twin Compressors with independent circuits
  • Able to Operate up to 125°F (52°C) Ambient Temperature
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1 Standard
  • AHRI Certified
  • R134a

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