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Split AHU- Top Discharge 19 SEER
















1.Home dehumidification system

By controlling the evaporation temperature of the low-pressure sensor to manage the moisture in your home's air for

greater comfortable environment and improved indoor air quality. For high humidity region, the outdoor unit can provide

DIP switch to select high dehumidification mode to improve comfort, this helps solve the poor dehumidification issue of DC inverter system.

2.Easylink Communication technology :

Use traditional 24V weak current to realize communications between indoor unit and outdoor unit, compatible with

traditional AHU products. Outdoor unit can judge energy-demand intelligently, through the evaporation pressure monitoring, control capacity output automatically and accurately.

3.Intelligent oil return system

System can calculate the delivery capacity of lubricating oil automatically , according to the calculating result of delivery

capacity and the setting of safe oil capacity to control the oil return intelligently. Avoid comfort reducing caused by

frequent oil return or a compressor failure caused by lack of oil. Guarantee system running more safely.

More Effciency

We use Variable-Speed Technology to achieve up to 20 SEER effciency, the higher the SEER, the greater the effciency—and lower the operating cost. It will save you

hundreds of dollars per year.

*Potential savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system

More comfortable

X Drive variable-speed condensing unit not only offer a high effciency, but also offer you a comfortable environment in both winter and summer.

1. Autonomous Learning control technology

The unit can learn and record your habits, every time start, compressor can run under your most adaptive frequency, and it can also realize quick cooling.

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