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Air Handling Unit AHU's












Odyne-Air Handling Unit AHU's

The DX Air Handling Units range is available in several models in horizontal and vertical formats with a wide range of options and accessories that can be selected from the ODYNE Selection Program. Air Handling Units can be configured to meet the requirements of all standard and many specialized applications Hotel, Government Building, Resorts, Retail Stores, Mall.


The DKR3 range of Air Handling Units features an extruded aluminums frame profile that provides a high level of unit design and application flexibility necessary to meet the rising demand for improved Indoor Air Quality. The unit is constructed using rigid nylon corners and double skin polyurethane foam insulated panels. These units can be disassembled for shipment and reassembled at site. Internal joints are insulated with rigid PVC strip and PE foam to provide air-tight casing and minimize cold bridging.



Double Skin “Sandwich” panel construction has smooth inner surfaces for easy and effective cleaning to reduce risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation. The sandwich panels are injected with Polyurethane foam of 40kg/m³ density. Panel of nominal 1” and 2” thickness is available. The external surface of all panels with 0.5 mm high strength pre-painted and 0.5 mm galvanized steel (GI) as internal skin. 




  • 29 models from 65 to 1754 MBH [20 to 514 kW]. [6 to 147 Tons].
  • Multiple compressors units provide redundancy and part load operation by cycling off compressor operation to match building load.
  • No total shut down when servicing compressor for units with dual refrigerant systems design.
  • Unit design to allowed continuous operation up to 125F 52C.


Efficient Condenser Coil:


  • Condenser coils are manufactured of staggered row of 3/8”OD inner groove seamless cooper tube.
  • 25 to 30% more surface areas which guarantee better heat transfer.
  • Mechanically expanded into dieformed corrugated bonded to aluminum fins.
  • Integral sub-cooling circuit to maximize efficiency.
  • Factory leak and pressure tested at 650 psig [45bar] for R410A refrigerant.





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