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FCU KQ-KC series EC motor 50-60Hz






















Odyne-FCU KQ-KC series EC motor 50-60Hz

ODYNE® has included the cutting-edge electronic commutation (EC) fan motor technology into our new KQ-KC series of chilled water fan coil units.

With Air volumes 210 to 1407 cfm, 357 to 2390 m3/hr to meet the demands of building owners for enhanced energy efficiency throughout the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Modern technology enables significant energy savings and increased user comfort in office and commercial facilities.

When compared to traditional Alternating Current (AC) motors in the low-speed range, EC motors (EC = Electronically Commutated) use five times less energy (Watt).

While EC fan motors operate at all speeds throughout the whole working range of the unit, traditional AC fan motors operate at set speeds. The motor's rpm is regulated by a 0 to 10 Volt signal from the unit controller.

Increased acoustic and thermal comfort is guaranteed when the fan speed is modulated to react to minimal cooling and heating load fluctuations.




Fan coil units are constructed from galvanized steel sheet that features a compact structure and aesthetically appearance. PE foam is lined in between panels to guard against leaks of conditioned air and assure vibration-free operation. Casing panels are easily removable for service and repair. All plenum units are integrated with a washable net filter.

 Fan Assemblies

The lightweight double-width double-inlet metal forward curved centrifugal fan is robust for durable application conditions. It features low sound levels, vibration-free operation, even air distribution, and minimum power requirements. Motors are 3-speed single-phase permanent split capacitor types with built-in thermal overload protection.


All coils are of 3/8" seamless copper tubes, with corrugated hydrophilic coated fins for improved condensed draining and giving excellent heat transfer. Units for cooling are available with 2 or 3 rows coils as well as optional for cooling and heating application with (3 + 1 rows) or (2 + 2 rows) combination. All coils are leak tested at 2.4MPa air pressure and are suitable for up to 1.6MPa working pressure. Coils are optional for left- or right-hand water piping connection of threaded 3/4” FBSPT which is field convertible.

All standard units are furnished with a specially designed leak-proof one-piece formed extended drain pan without welding. It is externally covered with PE insulation. An additional extension is also available as an option.

 LCD Thermostat Control

The KQ-KC fan coil unit comes with an LCD thermostat to precisely operate the indoor temperature, fan speed, and other parameters. It can be operated and controlled as an individual, group, or connected to the building management system (BMS) with remote monitoring to meet the building's diverse and intelligent air conditioning demands.

 Optional Accessories

To meet customers’ different needs, optional accessories are also available.

  • 2-way / 3-way motorized valve (shipped loose).
  • Extended drain pan.
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater.
  • 10mm Nylon Filter (for return plenum model only).
  • Electric Heater.



Solutions for Energy Efficient Variable Speed EC Motor Fan Coil unit

High-Efficiency EC Fan Motor Type.

The following are some advantages of using EC motors in hotel rooms:

· Increasing the energy efficiency of fan coil units.

· Restoring the airflow to the level specified by the manufacturer.

· Reduced operational expenses.

· Quieter fan motor.

· Significantly lower humidity.

· Better indoor air quality.

· Faster cooling and heating of guest rooms.


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