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Odyne-ODYNE Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

ODYNE improved CKBK-L Series. Cooling Capacity: 75 to 880 TR (264 to 3095 kW)

The Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, by adding the falling film evaporator and HFO ecologically friendly refrigerants.

The cutting-edge Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller CKBK-L Series from Odyne now boasts additional features. The cutting-edge falling film evaporator design and the ecologically friendly HFO Refrigerants, R513A & R1234ze, are two of these novel characteristics.

Evaporator for Falling Film:

• Enhanced Chiller Performance

The copper tube of the evaporator will lose refrigerant more quickly if it is thinly coated on it than if it is completely immersed. Better heat transmission, greater heat transfer coefficients, and ultimately a more effective chiller will be the end outcome of this.

• Lower Refrigerant Needed

The quantity of refrigerant may be decreased since falling film evaporators don't need all of the tubes to be submerged in refrigerant within the shell.

When compared to the conventional flooded evaporator design, the falling film evaporator may lower the quantity of refrigerant required for the same cooling capacity by at least 20%.


Lower Cost of Refrigerant Consumption

 By reducing refrigerant use, the falling film evaporator was able to minimize the price of both common HFC and pricey HFO mixes for the chiller. 

HFO Refrigerant That Is Eco-Friendly

  • HFO R513A

R513A is a "A1" refrigerant, which means that it is non-toxic and inflammable. Additionally, it has a low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) (GWP). R134a has a GWP that is 56% lower than R513A. In addition, the capacity and efficiency of the refrigerants are virtually the same. The shift towards the R134A system only requires minor adjustments to the system and lubricants.

The HFO R1234ze

The refrigerant R1234ze has a zero-ozone depletion potential (ODP), extremely low global warming potential (GWP), and is non-toxic.
ASHRAE standard 34 classifies this gas as a "A2L" refrigerant. However, this gas takes environmental leadership while attaining the highest levels of energy performance because to its very low GWP.

Features of CKBK-L Series from Odyne include:

  • High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Technology
  • Dual-Stage Compressor Powered by Inverters
  • Oil-free operation requires less upkeep
  • Minimal Noise and Small Footprint
  • Enhanced Efficiency and IPLV
  • AHRI Accredited

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